Meet your Leadership Team

We are here for you!

PASTOR Ned Lenhart

Pastor of Living Water


I’m honored and excited that you are taking time to explore Living Water.

Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing more people connecting with God through a living and active relationship with His Son Jesus.  I long for all of Living Water to be continually shaped and empowered by His irresistible love so that we might become everything God has created us to be.

Let me introduce myself:  I grew up in Eastern Montana outside a small town tucked between rugged Badlands and the Yellowstone River.  Raised in a bold, faithful and resilient congregation of believers I knew from the time I could tie my shoes that God was calling me to serve as a pastor of the church.  

I am exceedingly blessed to be married to a strong, bright, and beautiful woman named Jill.  We are full partners in life and ministry.  The past three decades we have been taking parenting lessons from our three creative and spunky daughters.  We prioritize spending time with each other as a couple and family, and we love living life together.    

My favorite call has been to serve as pastor of Living Water in Cameron. After giving retirement a trial run I’m privileged to be returning for a brand-new season of ministry.  God has great plans for us in this second chapter and I’m eager to discover them as we come together and lean into his call to, ‘serve others through Christ.’

Above all, I love Jesus.  It’s His grace that saves me, sustains me and keeps freeing me to trust him with my life.

And, as a church we would love the opportunity to meet you and introduce you to Jesus – the head of our church – who’s calling you deeper into His love and purpose for your life.



Allison Martinson

Campus Coordinator

Hi, friends! I'm Allison and I'm the Campus Coordinator! That's really just an official title for "Office Administrator" who also wears many other hats here at Living Water. I work closely as a part of the LW Leadership team, helping with the outreach efforts both in house and out in the community, while also using my 18 years of graphic design experience to put a creative spin on otherwise ordinary admin tasks, like the Sunday morning worship slides, for example. 

I live here in Cameron with my husband Jay, and our children Elena, Evelyn, JJ and Jonas. We also have three dogs, two cats, a potbelly pig, two turtles, and two geckos, so our house is pretty much a zoo! As a family, we enjoy camping, boating, fishing year-round, and snuggling up for family movie night. When I have a few minutes to myself, I enjoy anything creative, taking photos of people I love, and reading.

 I love the emphasis that Living Water puts on "serving others through Christ". I've always been a churchgoer, but the concept of serving others through my faith has never been as much of a priority as it is now. Living Water Church strives to be God's outstretched hand here in Cameron, Wisconsin, and I'm very proud and honored to be a part of that mission.

I'd love to share something that as a young adult, my Pastor (and friend) told me once, that has carried me through many tough days since.  "Find and measure your worth in how God sees you. Forget about what others think of you. Forget about the lies that the devil puts in your head. Forget about the mistakes you've made. Instead, focus on the person who Christ sees when he looks at you. God loves us no matter what. He sees the good in us above all else." In today's society, where comparing ourselves to others' "best lives" on social media is a daily struggle, this piece of advice is a solid anchor to cling to and I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me. We hope you find whatever it is you're looking for, here at Living Water. Just know you're always welcome here!

Michelle Wilson

CORE/ EPIC Youth Ministry Leader

Hi! I'm Michelle, one of the Youth Ministry Leaders here at Living Water. I'm part of the CORE (middle school) and EPIC (high school) ministry and absolutely love leading your kids in a richer life with Jesus!

I live in Cameron, with my husband Trevor and my kids, Carli, Parker, Lainey and Archer the therapy dog. I'm a full time teacher of high risk kids at the North Star Academy, and love to do some photography in my spare time. Both my husband and I have large extended families, so we spend a lot of time together, camping and just spending time in God's great outdoors.

I love Living Water Church because everyone is always welcome, everyone is "real" and focused on Jesus and our mission, "serving others through Christ". Sunday mornings are precious to me and I never want to miss going, because we're all a family here and I miss seeing my "church family" if I miss a Sunday. 

If I had one word to share with you, it would be believe, because it's a great word of advice in almost any situation. Welcome to Living Water and if you have a child (of any age) who would like to join our children's ministry groups, please reach out to me or another one of my Leadership team! We'd love to have you join our family!

Christine Ebner

CORE/EPIC Youth Ministry Leader

Hi! I'm Christine Ebner and I work alongside Michelle as a Youth Ministry Leader for our CORE (middle school) and EPIC (high school) kids. I am very passionate about children's ministry and helping kids experience God's, unconditional love and so enjoy the time I get to spend helping LW kids and teens grow in their faith. 

I'm a reading teacher at the Cameron Elementary School, wife to Ryan and Mom to Leah, Quinn and Rowan. I'm an early to bed, early to rise person, and I love to be busy, so I have a hard time saying no and often stretch myself too thin. I do still enjoy some free time and spend it watching my kids' sports events, walking or running, and reading. 

Living Water is our church home  and we love our church family. I love being in a congregation where you know everyone and everyone knows you. At Living Water, people truly miss you when you're not at church!  And of course Living Water's sermons! They are so engaging and applicable to my daily life. Come try it out - you're always welcome here!

There's so much to learn in life and if I had one word of advice on how to navigate it, it would be listen. Listen more than you talk - this is how you learn and how you hear those pleas from those in need... and how you hear God's voice.  Our family here at Living Water invites you into our church "home" and hope you'll consider joining us! 

Kally Luell

JAM Youth Ministry Leader

Hi there! My name is Kally Luell and I recently became the JAM Kids Ministry leader here at Living Water. I love serving the littlest ones of our community by sharing fun, creative ways to learn more about Jesus! I'm married to Ryan and mom to Kensley and Karson, along with fur kids, Lambeau and Maverick. I have a soft spot in my heart for animals and have a dream of running a shelter one day.

Besides being a wife and mom, I'm a full time Behavior Analyst, working with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. I get to spend my days teaching kids new things and having FUN doing it! In my spare time, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my husband and kids - especially camping and fishing, but my all time favorite hobby is shopping!

Living Water is our family's church home and we love how welcoming everyone is! One of the things we are most thankful for is that we can attend the services together as a family, and there's something special and enjoyable for each of us here. Our family is also huge fans of all WI sports - Packers, Bucks, Brewers, Badgers - so Sundays at our house are for church and football. Go Pack Go!!

If I could inspire you with a single word today, I want you to believe in what you can accomplish. “You can have anything you want if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be - do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose.    —Abraham Lincoln


Leadership Team President

Greetings Ministry Partners and friends of Living Water.  My name is Pete Kolpack and I am the Leadership Team President at Living Water.  My wife Lindsey and I have been Ministry Partners at Living Water since 2016.  Growing up, faith and church has been an important part of my life. In the time that I’ve been at Living Water, my faith has grown tremendously as we have heard the word and spread the good news of Jesus.  I especially enjoy the impact that Living Water has on our children and the joy that is spread through Children’s Ministry, VBS, Children’s Message, and making joyful music at the end of each service.

I am blessed to have an amazing family with my wife Lindsey, daughter Hattie, son Harlan, and our dog Ellie.  Having a great support network of active Grandparents in our life is a blessing as well.   We live between Rice Lake and Cameron and I am the Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor for the School District of Rice Lake.  When there are moments of free time I enjoy hunting, fishing, watching the Packers, Badgers, Twins, and spending time with friends and family.  
There are many aspects of Living Water that are so unique and special. First and foremost is our Mission Statement, “Serving Others through Christ.”  The amount of time, talent, energy, and passion that our church members give is incredible.  We are able to spread the news of Jesus, not only by word and song, but by the actions that we take and those that we serve within our community.  There are many opportunities to get involved and grow your faith.  I encourage you to think about the unique gifts (time, talent, financial) that you have and consider how you could share those to serve others, as we all grow in our faith together.    

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to me, please contact me at or 715-790-9368.  


Pete Kolpack 

Pamela Voigt

Finance Team Leader

Hello! My name is Pam and I am Administrator of the Finance Team here at Living Water. I recently retired after 32 years from the Community Bank of Cameron and am so enjoying the extra time retirement has afforded me to spend helping my mom, seeing my kids and grandkids and taking in all their sports events! I have two sons, Chris married to Tracey and Cory, married to Jill and five amazing grandkids, Emily, Dalton, Ethan, Kellen and Alex. They call me Grammy Pammy and they're truly the light of my life.

I have been a part of Living Water from its conception and it is very near and dear to my heart. I love all the connections I have made with everyone here and look forward to many more. My little brother Kurt Huseth is our sound man and his wife Brenda plays in our praise team, which I also play in almost every Sunday!

Since retirement, I've simply had more time to do the things I love most - watching my grandkids participate in their various sports activities, spending time outdoors doing my own yard work and my mom's, and I love music and watching sports in general.

It's a tough world out there and if I could give you one word to get you through, it would be kindness. Practice kindness in thought, action and deed to everyone you meet and see how much better the world can become because of it.

Lisa Armstrong

Media Director

Welcome! I'm Lisa and am so blessed to be doing some of the very things I love most as the Media Director here at Living Water.  I have the privilege of working alongside some of the most dedicated Jesus followers I've ever met, together in service for this amazing community.  

I am a dreamer and creator at heart, and have worked in and enjoyed everything from floral design to graphic design and digital design. I currently work full time in customer service at Jennie-O Turkey Store, am a wife of almost 19 years and Mama to our miracle, long awaited son Ryder who will be turning nine this Halloween. I'm also mom to our beautiful bulldog Stella and kitties Frankie and Murphy.  In my free time, you can usually find me at my computer designing custom orders for my small online boutique, shopping or watching reruns on Netflix or the Food Network. If it involves food, family or friends, you can bet I'll enjoy it!

When I think of all the heavy world events that we all are facing every day, one word that continues to carry me through is purpose.  In 2015, I was diagnosed with an extremely rare, non curable form of cancer. After years of fighting to be parents, I couldn't believe I was staring death in the face with my precious miracle son, just barely two years old. I underwent stem cell transplant that summer as my only hope of remission and it almost took my life, but as prayers from the community, family and friends flooded in, God spared my life and I knew He had a purpose and a plan for me that hadn't yet been fulfilled. I determined to do whatever it took to find His purpose and follow His plan.

I believe God has a purpose for every one of us - that's why He put us here. A purpose gives you a sense of belonging and something meaningful to work for. I hope you are fulfilling God's purpose for your life and I encourage you - if you aren't or if you're struggling to find yours - please reach out to any one of us so we can help. YOU have a purpose and YOU are welcome here!